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More and more people are living a lifestyle that will most surely will lead to high blood pressure or hypertension. And this situation gets worse with aging. Those who suffer from hypertension are 5 times more prone to strokes, 2 times more likely to have a heart failure, 3 times more likely to experience a heart attack. However, the major problem with this disease is the fact that 1/3 of the people who have it, don’t know it, because it’s usually not felt or experienced as a direct pain. But in time, the force of that pressure will damage the insides of the blood vessels.

Still, it’s not something to go crazy about, because there are steps one can take to stabilize the situation and improve it. Improving your diet, reducing salt intake, exercising and losing the excess weight are all steps to reduce and prevent hypertension. Exercise stimulates the development or forming of new connections between blood vessels, thus your hole body and the muscle tissues of your heart will benefit from a much better blood supply. The cause for hypertension sometimes maybe your kidneys. Studies also showed that there are important contributing factors such as obesity, heredity and an static lifestyle without any physical activity involved.

What we can really do the avoid hypertension and to lower the blood pressure? Besides a healthy and balanced diet program, exercising seems to be the key. Below there are some steps you might want to review before getting right into action and take measures for your health. For a high level of cholesterol, you should visit www. Before beginning any form of exercising it;s absolutely necessary to consult your doctor.

He will give you important advice about the changes that could occur based on the possible large demands that will be put on your circulatory system. It’s best to start at a comfortable level of exercising and from there you can progress gradually. Choose programs that are designed to allow a progressive increase in physical activity. 3. Know and respect your limits You should determine what are your limits for exercising and resistance level.

Pay attention at details as how much fatigue you feel after the workout or if you’re having any sleep disorders after that. Once you know what your limits are, stick to those. There is no use for overdoing it – it is really dangerous and becomes unnecessary. It’s best to exercise a minimum of 3 times/week and a maximum of 5 times/week to get consistent results and benefits. When you’ll make it to a peak condition, 1 single workout a week is all it takes to maintain the benefits of this new condition.

But cardio fitness usually required lots of frequent activity levels. 5. Exercise within your own capacity Even if you’re an older exerciser, you can get the benefits if you’re exercising at 40% or 60% of capacity. A good start will be to lose weight through exercising – that will prevent hypertension too. Many experts are saying that being overweight represent an increased risk of developing hypertension, so getting rid of that excess weight makes it easy on the heart too.

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